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U.S. first hand transplant highlighted on Discovery Science Channel

For Immediate Release: 12/15/2000

The United States' first successful hand transplant will be highlighted in a one hour documentary series called "Discoveries 2000 - The Year in Science," on the Discovery Science Channel, December 19 at 8 p.m.. The program features the greatest achievements in genetics, medicine, technology and space including hand surgeon Warren C. Breidenbach, M. D., with Kleinert, Kutz and Associates Hand Care Center, PLLC, and Matthew Scott, the nation's first hand transplant recipient.

Discovery Science Channel is a digital cable station spin off of the Discovery Channel. The hand transplant was also highlighted in a documentary series called "Under the Knife: Spare Parts" on The Learning Channel Tuesday, November 28 at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Scott received his new left hand January 24-25, 1999, when surgeons from the University of Louisville and Kleinert, Kutz and Associates Hand Care Center, PLLC, performed the 15-hour procedure at Jewish Hospital. The hand transplant recipient will return to Jewish Hospital the end of January for his two-year check up and anniversary of the transplant. He continues to gain function in his transplanted hand while incorporating it into everyday activities. Scott is able to rotate his wrist and move his fingers to perform such tasks as tying shoes, driving a car, drinking from a glass and throwing a baseball. Scott is extremely happy with the results of the experimental procedure.

Worldwide the hand transplant procedure is expected to greatly impact the future of transplantation and reconstructive surgery. The Louisville hand transplant program was developed through a partnership with physicians and researchers at Jewish Hospital, the University of Louisville and Kleinert, Kutz and Associates Hand Care Center, PLLC.

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