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News Releases

Statement Issued by Matthew Scott

For Immediate Release: 1/30/1999

The following statement was issued by Matthew Scott, the first hand transplant patient in the U.S. on Saturday, January 30: This is in response to the recent compassionless investigations into the life of the donor of my new left hand. I am deeply saddened that his family has been subjected to such an unnecessary intrusion into their lives at a time when they most need to grieve their loss in private. The act of my donor's life which I feel to be most telling, is his giving of multiple, vital organs, over and above the wonderful gift of my new left hand. While the other aspects of my donor's life seem to be the focus of massive media attention, his precious gift of life - to so many - should never be over looked and can never be over shadowed . Indeed, if fear of a similar spectacle causes even one person to decide against organ donation, or causes even one family to fail to convey to caregivers the patient's wishes for organ donation, that would be a most tragic turn of events. I reiterate my heartfelt gratitude to the donor and his family for their courageous gift. I also have the deepest respect for Jewish Hospital, Kleinert, Kutz and Associates, the University of Louisville and Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates for maintaining the highest ethical standards during this entire process. Matthew Scott

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