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News Releases

Hand Transplant Patient Continues to Improve at Jewish Hospital

For Immediate Release: 1/26/1999

(Louisville, Kentucky) - Hand transplant patient Matt Scott, 37, continues to improve after undergoing hand transplant surgery at Jewish Hospital on Sunday, January 24. The surgery was performed by University of Louisville and Kleinert, Kutz and Associates surgeons in a 14 ┬Ż hour procedure. "Matt will sit in a chair and take a walk today," explained Warren Breidenbach, M.D., lead surgeon for the hand transplant team. "He is eating pretty much what he wants, but he is restricted from having caffeine and concentrated sweets. His hand looks good, there are no signs of rejection, infection or clotting." Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates, the regional organ procurement agency that procured the donor hand, released a statement at the request of the family that donated Matt's hand. The statement reads: Although the recent events have generated a great deal of publicity, the donor's family wishes to remain anonymous. It is their position that they were simply carrying out the wishes of a loved one and are extremely grateful that some benefit could result from their loss. They sincerely hope all recipients have a full and complete recovery and enjoy long healthy lives. Additional updates will be provided periodically. For additional information, visit the web site at

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